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Bioko (Fernando Po)
Postal History

Spain began to issue "Fernando Poo" inscribed stamps beginning in 1868.

Then they were joined with the islands of Elobey, Annobon and Corisco to become a part of Spanish Guinea. Spanish Guinea stamps were issued for postage until 1960. In 1968 Fernando Po joined with Rio Muni to become the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. Fernando Po now issues stamps in that name. Some examples of Fernando Po stamps and overprints is as follows:

Issues of 1868: Queen Isabella

These issues continued until 1908 when (except for a 1929 issue), the stamps of Spanish Guinea were then used. (Of interest, Spanish Guinea stamp issues began in 1902, but were only used in mainland Rio Mundi, until joined by Fernando Po and Elobey, Annobon, and Corisco in 1909.) The postage stamps of Spanish Guinea continued until 1960.


Issues of 1879: King Alfonso XII


Issues of 1882: King Alfonso XII

Fernando Poo, 1897-98, 10c revenue in rose with inverted handstamp


Fernando Poo, 1898-99, 10c revenue in blue with black surcharge varieties

Fernando Poo, 1899, 10c & 15c revenues with 25c surcharges

Fernando Poo, 1896-1900, Alfonso XIII, 50c on 2c surcharge varieties

Fernando Poo, 1905, Alfonso XIII, "Muestras"

Fernando Poo, 1903, Alfonso XIII, "Muestras"

Fernando Poo, 1899, Alfonso XIII


Fernando Poo, 1907, Alfonso XIII

1907 Scott 39 1c dark violet "King Alfonso XIII"


Fernando Poo, 1900, Alfonso XIII, 5c on 20c surcharge

























Fernando Poo (Spain autonomy) 1964 - 1968








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