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Stamps of Emerging New African States:

Africa Stamps is the official web portal primarily for the sale, trade and distribution of genuine Africa Stamps from the Africa Federation of Free States. Stamps from Emerging New African States, Countries & Nations of the Free States of Africa Federation, are collected under Native African Countries, Nations topical stamps theme, these Stamps are issued as Cinderella Stamps to be used upon independence of each country as Postage Stamps.

We aims to deliver the best possible beautiful stamps, crafted both in an elegant and classical way. All our stamps should provide to all philatelists many hours of joy in the up keeping and management of their stamp collections.

First Day Covers:

First day Covers are now available if you wish a specific First Day Cover, and the same is not listed on the site, please e-mail us with your request.

Cancelled to Order:

If you wish your new purchased Stamps to be Cancelled to Order (CTOs). You need to send us an e-mail informing us with the indication of which Stamps you wish to have them Cancelled to Order.

Shipping Note:

We ship our Stamps to anywhere in the world by Royal Mail, with one or more Royal Mail Stamps. All stamps are sent with proof of post. If more than 50 Sets of Stamps we ship by First Class Registered Royal Mail.


We aim to provide full satisfaction to all Philatelist.
As such all stamps sold by us have full guarantee.
If you don't like the stamps you can return them for a full refund within 15 days of postage, no questions asked.
If any of our stamps have an imperfection you may inform us and we will replace any stamps that are imperfect.


We endeavour to exchange any Stamp sold by us for another, when ever the philatelist wishes to exchange like for like due to:

1 - Imperfections, or
2 - For a newer series of the same stamp.

Feed Back:

We welcome, and appreciate any feedback from our costumers and philatelists alike.
If you have any comments regarding the web site or our stamps, you are most welcome to send them to us, as we appreciate to ear from you.

Postage Stamp Dealers

We welcome new interested stamp dealers to resell and sell our stamps.
If you would like to sell any of our Stamps please e-mail us in confidence with a letter of interest to: africastamp@gmail.com


Payment Options:

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